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Mission Talk Performing Arts and Justice Initiative

Agustin Quiles Orlando, FL
2021-22: Mission Talk is a Latino network of community practitioners that seeks to transform marginalized communities through justice education, community organizing and advocacy. The project, a performing arts initiative, is to be a vehicle to introduce their work in local churches and mobilize young people to get involved in their own communities. Through the performing arts, Mission Talk would provoke additional conversations in schools, colleges and in faith-based communities that shy away from social causes. They hope to engage the faith communities in the city to take a more active role in civic engagement and social justice.
Agustin’s Grantee Cohort

Congregational and community grants provide support for urban pastors, churches, faith-based community organizations, and theological institutions to share resources, ideas, and practices for life-giving ministry in cities across North America. Typically, we invite those who have not previously had access to resources or grant funding.

Agustin’s Ministry
Program focus: Community