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BLVD Harambee Project

Rev. Barry Randolph Detroit, MI
Church of the Messiah Detroit is a 149 year old episcopal church on the east side of Detroit in a neighborhood called Islandview. The church is known for its many ministries including 200 units of affordable housing, internet services, its business incubation center for the community, and its literacy programs for young people to get into college. Church of the Messiah is also known for the fact that 60% of its congregation is african American males under the age of 30, and 70% of the overall congregation is under the age of 40. The church is also mixed race with people of all backgrounds in attendance. All of this is possible because of the spiritual commitment made by the church to make a difference in the world. Our young people are being trained to be leaders in the community through the power of the scriptures. BLVD Harambee builds leadership through enlightenment, education, empowerment, employment, and entrepreneurship.
Barry’s Grantee Cohort

Congregational and Community grants provide support for urban pastors, churches, faith-based community organizations, and theological institutions to share resources, ideas, and practices for life-giving ministry in cities across North America. Typically, we invite those who have not previously had access to resources or grant funding.

Barry’s Ministry
Program focus: Community