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Bureau of Friendship

Dennissa Young Chicago, IL

2023-24: The “Bureau of Friendship” brings together five monochromatic performances about connection, intimacy and relationships. These performances are externalizing the internal emotions of what it means to be a friend. Exploring concepts of being enough, scheduling hang outs, shredding emotions, talking about joy and mutual agreements. The “Bureau of Friendship” functions as a container to feel, experience and immerse oneself in radical softness. Performers are trained to hold space, care and meet the audience right where they are. The goal of this piece is to create time, space and energy to honor and define friendships. Young hopes that people in Chicago will connect with themselves and others to build on their existing relationships, create new ones and be present within their own emotions.

In accompaniment to this artist approach to friendship, Young is partnering with her church to create a Formation Group around Biblical Friendship. The hope is to engage Oasis Church Chicago’s mind in the concepts of what it means to live in the world and be a Christ-like friend. The Formation Group will challenge and encourage people from Oasis to invite people to the “Bureau of Friendship” weekend. Hoping that engagement in the content will push people to bring others into this world that isn’t the capital C Church building but inviting them into the body of Jesus.

Dennissa’s Grantee Cohort

The Collaborative Seed Grant initiative of the Ministry in the City HUB invites artists, pastors, youth workers, churches, and/or faith-based organizations to partner together on a seed or start-up project that integrates the arts or a creative practice with ministry and community. Our inaugural cohort of CS grantees include artists from Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and New York, partnering with local churches and community organizations.

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