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Next Generation Leader

Iris de Jesus Miami, FL
2023: The mission of Revelation University is to train leaders with Christian values capable of promoting the process of human and social transformation for the construction of a better world. We do this through in person and online training. However, we see the limitations of our current program in effectively developing Hispanic leaders to flourish in church planting in Miami, South Florida, and a general urban context. This project will strengthen the capacity of our current program and help develop a more focused mission on ministerial development and local urban Hispanic church planting in our context of Miami. Furthermore, this program will help clarify our desire of planting Hispanic churches with a heart for “whole person growth” in our city and discover what that will look like at Revelation University.
Iris’s Grantee Cohort

The Strengthening Pastoral Formation for Ministry in the City initiative involves seminaries, theological institutions, and churches and intends to help communities and institutions explore and assess their own urban context and church life; gain clarity about their mission and programmatic offerings; and strengthen and support the design and implementation of plans to address key challenges and opportunities for pastoral formation and flourishing congregations in urban settings.

Iris’s Ministry
Program focus: Pastoral