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The Pulse of Urban Ministry in the Greater Toronto Area

Jesse Sudirgo Toronto, ON (Canada)

2022-23: The Pulse of Urban Ministry in the Greater Toronto Area project sought to capture a snapshot of the lived experiences of urban ministry practitioners and organizations in order to better understand the formative influences that contribute to their well-being and the flourishing of their ministries. The six-month project involved the formation of a team of researchers, an event gathering 26 community leaders, a video series documenting four sessions concerning the recovery of hospitality in our city, and the completion of a research project involving urban ministry practitioners and educators. They identified the precariousness of commitment from institutions in hosting urban formation programs, which in some cases, lead to program closures. They hope to address the bigger picture need to figure out how to design a model for urban formation that is both innovative and sustainable for the institutions and the programs they host.

2023-24: Through The Pulse of Urban Ministry in the Greater Toronto Area, Tyndale University will conduct a meta-pedagogical inquiry to reimagine urban ministry formation in the Greater Toronto Area. They desire to see what currently is a highly theoretical educational model become a more place-centric, contextual, and immersive pedagogy that reflects the cyclical nature of seasons of growth and change. They seek to identify and capacitate emerging collaborative initiatives in the work of urban ministry formation. By regularly gathering practitioner-educators in a time of fellowship, equipping and affirmation through this project, they seek to foster a space where collaborations and affinity groups can take shape.

Jesse’s Grantee Cohort

The Affinity Working Group initiative aims to provide time and space for HUB learning network members to engage in focused ways with others interested in a similar topic and questions around ministry in the city. We anticipate working group members to explore, deepen, and assess their own vocation, urban context, and church life; gain clarity about vital questions and issues in a particular focus area (eg. youth, arts, etc), and learn from group members’ lived experiences and other sources of knowledge and wisdom.

Jesse’s Ministry
Program focus: Pastoral