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The Gleaning Project

Noemia Boccato New York, NY
2023-24: The Gleaning Project is bringing renewal to marginalized neighbors and caring for the Earth through art. Through a partnership with Storefront Church, the team is focusing on the communities along the High Line. They collect discarded materials such as plastic bags, used tea bags, and aluminum foil. These materials serve as the canvas for our artwork, and they employ and train under-served individuals as artist assistants. The collected materials undergo a creative metamorphosis. They are meticulously cleaned, cut, crocheted, sewed, braided, and transformed into unique art pieces. This transformative process not only produces art but also fosters a sense of community, purpose, and healing among neighbors. All the completed art pieces are showcased, marketed, and sold, and the profits generated are reinvested back into the project, fueling our mission and sustainable growth.
Noemia’s Grantee Cohort

The Collaborative Seed Grant initiative of the Ministry in the City HUB invites artists, pastors, youth workers, churches, and/or faith-based organizations to partner together on a seed or start-up project that integrates the arts or a creative practice with ministry and community. Our inaugural cohort of CS grantees include artists from Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and New York, partnering with local churches and community organizations.

Noemia’s Ministry
Program focus: Arts