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The Future of the Church: Raising the Next Generation of Leaders

Rev. Dr. Shola Awobajo Dallas, TX

2023: In this planning grant, Redeemer’s University North America’s (RUNA) project, The Future of the Church: Raising the Next Generation of Leaders, sought to provide leadership training programs and workshops. RUNA will also grow its work as a Christian research hub for Dallas, TX. As a research hub, they will conduct periodic research studies to facilitate leadership development and enhancement, church growth, and effective community outreaches. Additionally, RUNA will provide resources for church leaders. RUNA serves the Global Church with a contextual focus on the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and its distinctive traditions, including holiness, the pursuit of heaven as an eternal home, relevant service, and active involvement within communities.

2023-24: In this implementation grant building on prior planning work, Redeemer’s University North America (RUNA) seeks to identify and empower youth and young adults and to foster their development as effective leaders within faith communities and in society at large. As part of the initiative, youth and young adults will be equipped with basic leadership skills such as empathy, effective communication, decision-making, and teamwork, while cultivating a profound understanding of the Christian faith’s principles and values. The project aims to raise awareness about the imperative for a generational shift in church programming and to provide a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration between youth and church leaders. To this end, RUNA has designed courses that will form the basis of a certificate program and is committed to offering these courses in a way that transcends cultural and denominational boundaries.

Shola’s Grantee Cohort

The Strengthening Pastoral Formation for Ministry in the City initiative involves seminaries, theological institutions, and churches and intends to help communities and institutions explore and assess their own urban context and church life; gain clarity about their mission and programmatic offerings; and strengthen and support the design and implementation of plans to address key challenges and opportunities for pastoral formation and flourishing congregations in urban settings.

Shola’s Ministry
Program focus: Pastoral