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The Future of the Church: Raising the Next Generation of Leaders

Rev. Dr. Shola Awobajo Dallas, TX

2023: In view of the changing dynamics of the African diaspora population of Houston and Dallas, it has become pertinent to raise young leaders in the church who understand and meet the concerns of young people in these cities. Our focus will be on transformational leadership in the church to help our young adults to be relevant for the tasks ahead of them. Redeemers University North America is positioned as a Christian higher institution to provide needed leadership training and workshops for our young leaders in these communities.

Church leaders and young adults in Dallas and Houston will have periodic leadership training programs that will equip them with skills, strategies, and competencies to administer their churches; design developmental plans that would result in growth and expansion; and plan culturally relevant community outreaches that will meet both the spiritual and physical needs of their congregants and others in their neighborhood. Redeemers University North America (RUNA) will provide the required leadership training programs and workshops and serve as a Christian research hub for these cities.

Shola’s Grantee Cohort

The Strengthening Pastoral Formation for Ministry in the City initiative involves seminaries, theological institutions, and churches and intends to help communities and institutions explore and assess their own urban context and church life; gain clarity about their mission and programmatic offerings; and strengthen and support the design and implementation of plans to address key challenges and opportunities for pastoral formation and flourishing congregations in urban settings.

Shola’s Ministry
Program focus: Pastoral